W.F.A. Turgeon Catholic Community School


W.F.A. Turgeon School located at 1180 Branion Drive was officially opened March 23, 1969. The main facility’s structure was based on a concept called “open area” where there were no walls between the classrooms which all spilled into the central hub of the school, the library. In the early 1980’s four portable classrooms were added to accommodate large enrollments and in 1988 walls were erected closing in the classrooms. The school was named for W.F.A. Turgeon, a Prince Albertan who served in the Canadian Foreign Service. He was an MLA for Prince Albert and was appointed Attorney General in the government of Walter Scott. After leaving politics, he became chief justice of the Court of Appeal in 1938. Before retiring to Prince Albert he was appointed to many countries as a foreign diplomat. He died at the age of 82 in 1969, the year our school opened. In May of 1999 the designation of community school status precipitated a name change to W.F.A. Turgeon Catholic Community School.


School Administration

Charity Dmytruk - Principal

Gwen Clyke - Vice-Principal


Principal's Message

Proclaiming our Faith in the Year of Mercy

Matthew 16:15 Jesus asked, “and who do you say I am?”

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year.  It promises to be an exciting one with so many meaningful learning opportunities.  At W.F.A Turgeon Catholic Community School, we are committed to learning excellence and to educate the whole child: spiritually; intellectually; emotionally; socially; and physically. We are called to develop a shared vision that invites all stakeholders, students, parents, teachers, clergy, parishioners and community members to work collaboratively and to model ourselves in the image of Jesus. W.F.A Turgeon Catholic Community School is committed to putting the values of our faith into practice in the daily life of the school, the home, the parish and the local community. As partners in Catholic education, we will work together to ensure that all our children reach their fullest potential. Each year, our school picks a gospel value theme that helps us guide our activities. This year, we picked the theme of Proclaiming our Faith in the Year of Mercy.

Our staff provides a positive, caring and safe environment, where all are welcome, accepted, and respected. There is a great degree of excitement in our school and we wish to welcome all our families as partners in education and to share in our passion for learning and children.

May God's blessings be upon us all as we journey together.

Charity Dmytruk, Principal


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