Prince Albert Catholic Schools believe in assisting families in transporting their children to and from school within the designated attendance area of their school. The transportation of students in Kindergarten to grade 8 can be organized by contacting the school in your child's attendance area. Transportation can be arranged for all Grade 1 to Grade 8 students residing further than 400-600 meters from the school.


Transportation services are also available for Kindergarten students who reside beyond 200 meters from their school, and high school students from the rural areas of the school division.


Students attending St. Mary can access subsidized bus passes for City Transit System by contacting St. Mary High School.


Transportation for Prekindergarten may be requested within a designated attendance area.  All Prekindergarten transportation applications will be reviewed by the Superintendent of Education. Please direct inquiries to 306-953-7500. Prekindergarten transportation forms are available (see list of transportation forms below)​, or the form can be picked up at the nearest school or our division office. 

For further information please contact the Principal at the nearest school or the school division office at 306-953-7500.


Request for Bus Service - Prekindergarten & Kindergarten

Request for Bus Service - Grades 1-8

Cancellation of Bus Service Request Form

Bus Cancellations and Delays Information

School Bus Protocol 

To ensure the safety, efficiency, comfort, continued provision of transportation services and to promote the highest degree of cooperation between all concerned. (Drivers—students—school division—personnel—parents).

  • Stay in your seat, with hands to yourself  
  • Always listen to your Driver
  • Follow all safety rules
  • Eating, drinking & tobacco use is not allowed
  • Talk quietly, Please do not shout
  • Your SAFETY is our #1 concern

English Program
École St. Anne School (Prekindergarten to 8)
St. Francis School (Prekindergarten to 8)
St. John Community School (Prekindergarten to 8)
St. Michael Community School (Prekindergarten to 8)
St. Mary High School (9 to 12)
W.F.A. Turgeon Catholic Community School (Prekindergarten to 6) 

French Immersion Program
École Holy Cross School (K to 8)
École St. Anne School (K to 8)
St. Mary High School (9 to 12) 

Parents' Responsibilities

Parents/guardians are responsible for:

  • Address changes and other information updates relating to transportation of a child is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  All changes or updates must be made at the school office of your child's school.
  • Reviewing with your child/children the School Bus Protocol brochure for acceptable behavior and safety.
  • Seeing their children to the pick-up location 5 minutes in advance of scheduled departure time.
  • Ensuring that children are dressed appropriately to withstand extreme weather.
  • Ensuring that someone is available to meet the bus where required for handicapped children and younger children (ie. Prekindergarten and Kindergarten).
  • Prekindergarten children must be over 30 lbs. and if the child is not toilet trained, a disposal pull-up will need to be worn while on the bus.
  • Providing alternative arrangements for their children in the event a bus does not arrive on time. This may mean identifying someone on your block who can provide refuge for students should they have to wait for a delayed bus, or for any reason, are unable to get into their home.
  • Cooperating with the school in disciplining their child following reports of misbehaviour on the bus.

Students' Responsibilities

Students are to responsible for:

  • Being polite and quiet. Respect your driver and fellow students. Foul language, shouting and fooling around are not permitted.
  • Behaving in a responsible manner at all times and keeping noise levels to a minimum (i.e. no loud talking, shouting or singing). This will allow the driver to concentrate on driving the bus.
  • Boarding the bus in a single file without pushing or shoving.
  • Sitting down immediately and remain seated at all times until the bus has stopped.
  • Asking permission of the driver before opening a window. No part of the body or any objects shall be extended out of the open window.
  • Keeping the aisles clear of all obstructions.
  • Not eating or drinking on the bus. This will prevent choking and/or allergic reactions as well as keep buses clean and sanitary for the benefits of all children.


  • Loading–Students should remain well back from the curb until the bus is stopped and the loading door is opened.
  • Unloading—After students leave a school bus, they are to wait on the sidewalk until the bus has pulled away. NEVER cross in front of the school bus. Students who need to cross the street should proceed to the nearest crosswalk and cross when safe to do so.

Dealing With Behaviour

  • Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner during loading and unloading and while the bus is en-route. Unacceptable behaviour shall result in disciplinary action.
  • The driver will report all disciplinary problems to the principal. The principal will determine the measures to be taken and will advise the student and parents accordingly.
  • The principal has the authority to suspend students from riding the school bus. Continued misbehaviour by a student may result in the temporary or permanent withdrawal of riding privileges.
  • A copy of all Incident Reports will be given to the principal.
  • A list of general bus rules to be followed by the students will be posted inside each bus.
  • First Infraction—Driver will speak to the student, fill out an Incident Report and explain to the student a repeat offence will result in a report to the principal.
  • Second Infraction—Driver will fill out an Incident Report and will inform the student that the principal will be informed of this incident. The principal may take appropriate action.
  • Third Infraction—Driver will fill out an Incident Report and inform the principal. Principal will advise parents/guardian and discuss course of action to be taken. Driver will be informed of the necessary details.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Any behaviour, which could endanger safety on the school bus is UNACCEPTABLE. Examples are: 

  • Failure to follow driver's instructions
  • Putting any body part or object out the window
  • Loud talking or yelling
  • Destruction of property
  • Failure to stay seated
  • Fighting, hitting, kicking or pushing
  • Throwing objects
  • Spitting, teasing, rudeness
  • Use of tobacco, lighter and/or matches
  • Possession of dangerous objects or weapons
  • Possession or use of drugs or alcohol

Carry on Items

  • Students boarding the bus carrying objects such as musical instruments, skates, etc. are expected to use the utmost care and place items in carrying case/bag.
  • Aisles are to be kept clear of all obstructions (feet, books, lunch boxes, gym bags, back packs, musical instruments, etc.)

General Information

  • All general enquiries and issues related to bus service should be directed to First Student at 306-763-6090.
  • For information regarding later buses, etc. a recorded late line message is available through First Student Bus at 306-763-8877.
  • Only those students registered to ride the bus will be permitted access to the transportation services. Students are not allowed to bring any school friends on any bus to visit, go to birthday parties or sleepovers. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Transportation arrangements may change within the year. Parents are to complete a request for service form from the school prior to any changes taking place.
  • Parents/guardians should make sure that children are suitably clothed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Parents/guardians should ensure that children are supervised until picked up and that they have a place to go in the event of an emergency or in case the bus is unavoidably delayed due to road and weather conditions.
  • Parents/Guardians must also ensure that children have a supervised place to go after the return trip at the end of their school day.