Cold Weather Information

Although Prince Albert Catholic schools will remain open on extremely cold school days, the Catholic school division affirms and supports parent’s discretion in keeping their children at home when weather conditions warrant. Parents are asked to contact the school if they choose to keep their children home.

Listen for media announcements This information will be provided by First Student and will be made available at approximately 6:00 a.m. If it becomes necessary to cancel bus operations, notice will be given on the 900 CKBI, 99FM, 101FM radio stations and

Severe weather conditions and poor roads may extend the running times of some buses, resulting in late arrival and departure. It is advisable to call the Late Line at First Student. Rural buses will be canceled when winter weather temperature reaches –45 with wind chill.

In the event that the bus has not arrived at a bus stop 10 minutes after the scheduled time, students are to return home, then return to the bus stop one hour after their original pick-up time.